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How We Helped Banks Achieve a 260% Increase in Sales on Their PPC Campaign

ROAS: Banks Case Study

When Banks, an eCommerce site that sells aftermarket diesel and gas performance parts for trucks and cars, approached us, they hadn’t run Google Ads in three years. The company recognized they were missing out of an opportunity to reach their customers directly online for increased revenue.

They also knew how hard it is to get a great return on ad spend (ROAS) — since previously two PPC agencies had failed to deliver good results.

Jay Tilles, Bank’s Brand Manager and Marketing, told us “Paid search is a beast. It’s tough for us to staff up. We need expert advice and someone managing it.”

Why is paid media so tough?

Google Search PPC campaigns, require close monitoring of keyword targeting, ad copy optimization, bid management, and audience targeting to name a few. The complexity of managing a successful PPC campaign requires dedicated resource — beyond that they require time to setup, careful thought in the targeting & account structure, and a more complicated strategy to succeed.

Which is why Banks came to us. And in six month, we helped them obtain a 260% increase in sales on brand new campaigns. The revenue grew from 1% to 5% of total company sales for the year.

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Here’s how we did it.

1) How to carefully restructure Google PPC campaigns into targeted themes

Because Banks had data from previous campaigns, they had information on which products or searches were likely to perform well. Figuring out which searches would have the highest sales potential is a gold mine for an eCommerce company with lots of SKUs like Banks.

Banks sells aftermarket diesel and gas performance parts for trucks, cars, and motor homes (RVs) like cold air intakes, tuners and programmers, performance exhaust, as well as other products like throttle response controllers and differential covers. Banks has been in business for over sixty years. Because of this, they have a huge following in the aftermarket diesel performance community.?

Banks wanted to dominate the L5P Duramax market. That means we needed to create campaigns focusing on L5P Duramax tuning searches to increase sales.

However, people searching solely for L5P Duramax upgrades (e.g., “l5p duramax performance”) are less likely to be search for a specific product to buy.

For that reason, we knew we’d have the highest conversion rate on searches that with product term “tuner” or “tuning.”?

banks power increase in sales

Product terms were our highest value keywords.

Here is where Google Search gets tricky because — unlike other campaigns — keywords you are bidding on in Google Search campaigns can cause your ad to show if your keywords closely matches what the customer types in Google’s search box.

To ensure that our campaign dollars go to these top-converting queries requires planning, and that’s where our advanced strategy comes in.

2) How we restructured Bank’s Google Search PPC campaigns

After reviewing Banks’ previous campaign structure, we quickly realized that it wasn’t organized and Banks wasn’t going to see an increase in sales. Our team decided to start building Banks’ Google Search campaigns from scratch — organizing by theme, product, negative keywords, and refreshing all ad copy.

To best optimize Banks’ campaigns, we further did the following:

  • Reallocated ad marketing budget toward high-performing campaigns
  • Adjusted ad bidding from audience to campaign level to automatically optimize budget
  • Used better-performing split-test variants for more targeted campaigns
  • Improved Google Shopping campaigns by optimizing their Merchant Feed
  • Activated prospecting with Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)
  • Turned on Instagram story ads
  • Launched multi-funnel retargeting campaign
  • Optimized keyword bidding and negative keywords lists
  • Updated ad copy to align with customer interest and overall brand messaging

This is just the beginning

Since launching this search campaign strategy, we’ve seen a 260% increase in sales. Over time, we’ll expect even better results as we optimize our negative keywords, bid optimization, landing page testing, ad copy testing, eliminating search terms that don’t perform well and are wasting money.

We’ll also continue to optimize ad groups, and we’ll be able to further integrate Banks’ brand and shopping campaigns to highlight our top-selling products. Over the next few months, we expect to see even greater increase in sales and ROAS.

The bottom line?

Unstructured campaigns waste money—because they make you pay for ads that almost always have lower conversion rates. The new PPC campaign structure enables you to get the results you want—while spending less in the process with lower cost-per-click (CPC), higher click-through-rates, and better conversion rates.

There’s good reason we recommend paid search campaigns to all our eCommerce clients. After brand campaigns, we consistently see high rate of return for digital marketing campaigns via Google search campaigns.

Most companies come to us knowing the importance of brand campaigns. However, not everyone recognizes the importance of executing a well-run product specific search ad campaign.

Note:?Want to see if we can get similar paid ad results for your eCommerce store??Contact us here.

Increase in Conversions
Increase in Conversion Rate
Decrease in Cost of Acquisition
Increase in Revenue

Client Interview:


I thought it would be very much about internet marketing. I’ve known about Derek for a while and I know that’s a really big part of it, especially Google and Facebook advertising.

We expected that there would be a “deep dive,” so we thought we’d be talking about the day-to-day in our digital marketing, and what sort of issues we could fix.

It ended up being so much more than that.


We’d already developed the website, but we brought in Fullmoon Digital to put in the finishing touches — more traffic and more sales.

They rebuilt our PPC campaigns and modified our SEO strategies; both the technical and on-page optimizations.

Their team also helped us implement all of our advertising strategies and find new profitable markets and addressable customers.

In addition to their work on our Google Ads, they also manage our Facebook and Instagram advertising accounts.

Their team is also helping us expand our use of Google Analytics tracking capabilities. The team continues to support our efforts in everything we do online.

We needed to improve our website by implementing a better e-commerce strategy and improving our Google Ads and Facebook Advertising campaigns. They are doing that and so much more.?


We’ve experienced a steep increase in rankings, traffic, and sales.

Fullmoon Digital dialed in a strategy to restructure our PPC campaigns, build targeted audiences for retargeting, Facebook and Instagram advertising.

We saw our revenue almost grow by 300% year of year just from their consistent campaign optimization and expansion. It fluctuates between 180% – 250% now.

Fullmoon Digital ran multiple campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

  • targeted at customers who purchased products for upsells,
  • customers who added to cart but didn’t buy,
  • targeted at users who were logged into website but never added to cart,
  • people who visited the site but never added to cart,
  • targeted people who visited specific makes and models,
  • customers who visited top products but never purchased.

Fullmoon Digital also created a broader ad strategy to target people who engaged with Bankspower.com content to drive conversions down the funnel.

As for revenues, things changed dramatically.

We are experiencing a 8-10x+ return on ad spend.


They’re very helpful and personable, often going out of their way to help with additional tasks that fall outside the scope of the original project.

“It’s not often I come across people who truly understand performance marketing and acquisition – Fullmoon Digital does.”

Jay Tilles
Brand Manager @Banks Power

Facebook Advertising

In order to capitalize on increasing demand for diesel performance auto parts, FMDM’s Facebook experts introduced affinity- and interest-based audiences to test along with lookalikes.

The team identified, segmented and retargeted top engagers and high-intent users that were likely to convert.

On the engagement front, the team utilized ad sets, leveraging video ads to educate and encourage users to engage, leading to healthy lift in community engagement and more website conversions.

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