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818-818-2016 | hello@www.job-search-express.com

COVID-19 Update From our Founde


Suffice to say we are getting information overload related to COVID-19 every day. From your social feed and inbox to the news and text messages, you cannot escape the updates. We find that many of you have been thrown into the world of uncertainty — we empathize.?

As a digital marketing agency that has been remote since day one, we are committed to persevere, deliver awesome work, provide deeper communication, and help you navigate this fluid climate.

I remind myself why Fullmoon Digital started in the first place: to bring together extraordinary talent without being bound by geography. We wanted to create a culture that is deep in communication, transparency, and trust. We believe this mindset allows us to create meaningful relationships between everyone on the team.

We have seen vendor/client relationships under tremendous stress in a world learning to adapt to remote. That is no fault of anyone. We’re all living in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world.?Rest assured that the entire Fullmoon Digital team is here for you.

Because of our 100 percent remote setup, Fullmoon Digital employees have not experienced many interruptions in day-to-day ops, no obstacles or slowing down, no missed deadlines, and no inefficiencies. What has changed? We’re doing more home improvement projects, seeing more children doing their homework, and drinking more coffee (or tea) than usual.

And since we know a thing or two about remote working, we’re here to help your business make and embrace adjustments you need.

We are working with our clients to shift messaging, make quick changes, responding to shopper behavior shifts, reviewing strategies, and adjusting to this new normal. We are focused on doing our part to help our clients, coworkers, and pack.

Need help adjusting your campaigns? Ask. Want some tips on working remotely? Ask. Want ideas on the best way to maintain culture for remote teams? Ask. Looking for a job? Ask. Need someone to just rant to? Ask!

We’re going through this together, one way or another. So bottom line is if you have a need, please don’t hesitate to reach our and ask.?

Health and Wellness,?

Derek Chew
CEO, Fullmoon Digital