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Growing Together // Our Story

People | Passion | Performance
As with most successful businesses, it all started with a dream of what is possible.

Founder Derek Chew and Co-Founder Geanina Rascol saw a disconnect between brands and large advertising agencies as a marketing executive.

They saw the opportunity for a strategically integrated, trusted partner for brands and eCommerce businesses – one with the perspective to build long-lasting partnerships, and connect the dots that others have neglected and a obsession with getting things done right.

In 2017, Fullmoon Digital was born.

When we saw the challenges brands are facing with lack of communication, delayed campaign launches, and subpar results, we decided that communication, action, and results will be our pillar, leveraging our deep knowledge and experiences of search marketing strategies to create stronger, more effective ROI-focused campaigns.

It’s why, when realizing the lack of accountability, we create a culture that embrace mistakes and foster collaboration for all, and become a successful search marketing agency.

It’s also why we carefully hire talented people, are selective with technology partners to ensure we remain innovative, and diligently seek new clients that align with our values.

It’s an approach to business that’s enabled us to move into and add value in new industries, including luxury fashion, CPG, B2B, automotive, entertainment and hospitality.

Founded With a Focus to Deliver Results

The agency was founded by entrepreneurs with a vast amount of experience in social media and online marketing. We pride ourselves in delivering an outstanding service that help our clients reach and exceed their goals.

At Fullmoon Digital, we push the envelope of what is possible in terms of marketing and technology—all while providing best in class service to our family of clients. Never resting, always pushing? for collaboration, we strive to fulfill the vision of our founder by offering the most powerful, effective and cost-efficient solutions and services.

At the end of the day though, we know we are only as good as the people who compose our team and the clients who trust us to deliver results. We are proud to employ the hardest working, most creative, and most passionate people in the online marketing world, and we know that you will love working with them as much as we do.

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Fullmoon Digital is a search marketing agency that values your partnerships. Our pack thrives on core values that guides our work and life.

Be Humble

Check your ego. Period.

Be Passionate

Love what you do. And show it.

Challenge Status Quo

Don't be "yes men."

Challenge Boundaries

Different is good.


Think different.

Listen More

Stop listening to your own voice

"It's about doing the right thing no matter how difficult it is."

- Derek Chew | CEO

Get Better Results with a True Partner. If Not Now, When?

Fullmoon Digital is a company that values true partnership. That means working together, fixing errors together, winning together, and planning as a team. We know that when everyone puts their mind together, great things happen.

Our team brings digital marketing expertise to the table along with your industry knowledge, we create a recipe for success of epic proportions. The potential is unlimited as long as we work together as one unit.

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