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The Cat’s Pajamas Case Study

Online Women's Pajama eCommerce Business Maintained 5X ROAS the Last 2 Years



This women’s luxury pajama brand is best-known for their sushi pajama prints.? Despite their success in retail stores, they were looking to increase online sales.

When they came to Fullmoon, they had never run a full-scale Google and Facebook advertising campaign, their existing Google Shopping campaigns weren’t properly optimized, and they were they were convinced that organic search was enough to drive online sales.

Our Solution

  • Created audience segments to remarket based on macro and micro conversions
  • Reallocated ad marketing budget toward high-performing campaigns
  • Optimized product feed into product groups for better targeting
  • Used better-performing split-test variants for more targeted campaigns
  • Improved negative keyword list optimization to eliminate wasted spend
  • Activated prospecting with Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)
  • Launched multi-funnel retargeting campaign
  • Optimized keyword bidding to improve overall campaign ROAS
  • Updated ad copy to align with customer interest and overall brand messaging


Facebook Advertising

Google Ads

Increase in Sales
Increase Conversion Rate

Google Ads

Our PPC experts cleaned up The Cat’s Pajama’s campaigns by reallocating budgets toward best performers, updating keyword bidding, improving negative keyword lists, and adjusting ad copy to to increase Google Ad’s quality score. To make sure we were reaching users who were already familiar with the brand, we also created remarketing segments and launched responsive display campaigns, which were highly successful in bringing users back to the website to purchase.

Facebook Advertising

After testing new acquisition audiences on Facebook and Instagram, we ran split tests on messaging and product mix. We then used the better performing combinations to test lookalikes and target interest-based audiences as we scaled their customer reach.?

We also implemented Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs). This allowed us to show specific products that customers who have expressed specific interest in through their online behavior and engagement. To amplify our customer acquisition campaigns, we launched several remarketing tactics to recapture site visitors, past purchasers, and social users who engaged with the brand.

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